May 23rd, 2005

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Parenting: Don't Do it If You Can Blame Someone Else

Three girls aged 12, 14, and 16 in the same family have all had children recently. The mother blames the school for not giving good sex-ed. I blame her for being a shitty parent. Take some responsibility for your own spawn woman! You have a responsibilty to your children, the school should supplement their lives, you are the primary source of inspiration for them -- not their teachers.

You are their mother but aparently you want nothing to do with how they are brought up. Honestly... sometimes I think there should be a test before you can have a child, other than the practical I mean.

People like this make me so angry.
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My beautiful girlfriend, MiriamIn case you hadn't realised it ye: Miriam, my lovely other half, is here from Oakland, California. She's here for nearly two months, yay!

This month is not only her birthday, but our one year aniversary. Yay us! I could gush all day, but I will say this to you all: you'll see a lot of activity on my flickr feed (note: see my blog sidebar for that for that) and probably less stuff posted. Then again I've not been posting that much here lately...

I spent Christmas and New Year in Oakland, traveling around the bay area, eating Clam Chouder in Monterey (Vivolos! Mmmm) and camping under redwoods in The Big Basin. While all of this was great, it was nothing to spending time with her.

So after a few, hard, months apart she is here, and I'll be going over there... probably in October for Halloween. While she's here we're going to hop over to Paris. How apt. She'll get to meet some people she's only ever heard me talk about, or we mutually usually only communicate with over the net. Which is kind of fitting as that is how we met. Incidentally if anyone in the Bay Area fancies getting together when I'm over there in October... that would be really cool, I was rather sick the last time around so wasn't able to be too mobile. You see sometimes we seem to forget that the internet is only a tool for communication, and there is nothing better than actually being face to face. I know that is amplified in a LDR.

Long distance relationships are hard, they take work, and communication, and trust even more than regular relationships do. I'm lucky she found me, and doubly so that she has enough patience for all this. I could try and describe the feeling I have now, hours before she is here, but I think she put it best:

Because I am with you, I am not alone, silences don't scare me, and my future seems cautiously optimistic. I'm the happiest I've ever been, and it's all because of you.

I don't think I could top that, and its all true. I hope you all are going to have as good a time over the next couple of months as I will.
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