May 4th, 2005

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Tony BlairIt's an election year in the UK, oh what fun.

Firstly let me say one thing: if you don't vote, I don't care what your opinion on politics is. You have no right to express an opinion on something that you voluntarily opted out of. If you don't vote then you can shut up for the next government term, or until you decide to participate in the running of the country again.

That said, May 5th is the date of the General Election, tomorrow, and frankly if they had missed the opertunity of having it 5/5/5 I would have been very disapointed. However I am still not thrilled. This means I have had around four weeks of concentrated political drivel being blasted at me wih all the finesse of a drunk builder with a sledgehammer.


Thankfully its only been fractionally over four weeks of this crap, and I'm sure many Americans out there know exactly what I'm talking about. I was sick of the coverage of their election and I wasn't even living there! This election has broken down to people saying that they will teach Tony Blair a lesson, though when questioned on what it tends to be vague (or just plain wrong) mumblings about Iraq, and if that is their entire reason for voting (or worse, not) then I wish I could stab them in the eye with a rusty spork. It's as bad as the "Anyone But Bush" campaign in the states.

Do you want the current leader out? Then mobilise and get people to support someone else, or you! Get someone better. Make a goddamn stand and don't just say anyone else. Choose you apathetic #$*%!

People died to have the right vote, don't throw it away by being lazy.
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