March 9th, 2005

YIM Doodle

A Life in Pictures....

You might remember a project of mine a while back was to clean up some of my families (on my fathers side) photos. They ranged from 1820-1920 or so, and some were rather beaten.

If you didn't catch them the first time around the few I posted up are linked in my LJ memories.

Well now I've finished another one.. so I thought I'd show you all. Its a little later - after World War One, and features my great-grandfather again. Here's the low resolution version of a before and after shot:

Collapse )

This was a real pig to do. There were scratches, dirt marks, burns, frame impressions, and a whole host of other things like sun bleaching and water damage. Much like one of the others I did, I'm not wholely happy with it - but that is mostly because there was so much damage to
the original image.

Anyhow.. thoughts?

[edit - its my Grandmother and great-grandmother in the photo.. confirmed it by looking at some other photos of them both]