March 8th, 2005

Rocky eyebrow

Geek its like Greek, but without the R.

Ok.. so *ahem*


*listens for the hordes of screaming and thundering as people run the hell away from this post*

Still with me? Ok good.

I've been thinking about installing some form of Linux on my machine. Its a 64bit machine, so really thats the best way to get things to work at full speed (WinXP is 32bit only). However I have no idea what version/flavour I should install.

Ubuntu? Gentoo? Fedora? For all I know McHippy's Fried Happy Shacks might do a GREAT version of it, but I have no idea. Plus, while I'd be running it as a dual boot, actually using software is a prime concern. I'm a photoshop junkie, I need this program. Will it work under something like WINE? I have no idea.

Can I use my USB modem in Linux? Can I even connect to the lifeline that is the internet? These are the things I need to know.

So.. geeky people on my friends list. Talk to me, tell me about it. Tell your friends to come here. Link me. Do what you have to do, but educate me on Linux for the desktop, because the net is a vast ammount of white noise. Hopefully the stuff I learn here might help other people. Thats the beauty of the net. Talk to me.

Teach me oh geek lords.