March 4th, 2005


Can I get a Hell Yeah?

Cherie once again wields the Chair Leg Of Truth towards the skulls of those who are small of crainial capacity. Of cource they won't listen, but there you go..

I'm the only one at work. Damnit.. all the phones are now my phones, like some zen telecomunication excerise. How many hats can I wear at the same time? We shall see. Thunkfully its not busy, and neither am I.

I posted up The Ferryman at my website, part 2 is coming soon. Those of you that didn't read it when I posted it up on here go take a look. I will bug you with the second part soon so you may as well be up to speed with the story when it finally drops.

I really need to work on a design for my site... later tho, when I have other the sites done. What sites? Well cmpriest's for a start. I bought her and offered to make her a site because.. well.. I was in one of those generous moods, and she deserves/needs a good web presence before her book is launched. So there's that to be done. Then there is Streetball Extreme and Streetball Essex. Two, not unrelated, sites. I suck at basketball.. but these guys do not. Those sites will be up soon. Then there is ACERT which has been a slow horrible experience, but at least I'm getting paid, and that will also be up soon.

After that.. who knows?

And now for your moment of zen from my work:
me: "Try 'password' but with the s's as 5's."
them: "As fives? Wow.. I would never have thought of that."
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