February 22nd, 2005

black feelings

Kizzy Kat

Yes... I hate journals full of cat pictures as much as the next person, but stay with me.

This is Kizzy:
Kizzy Kat - active as usual
Kizzy is not very well... in fact she is dying.

I'm not a cat person myself, but she has been in the familiy, so to speak, for around twelve years. She was the youngest of three cats that used to live a few doors down but spent most of their days wandering around our house. Well I say wandering... more sleeping, but I digress.

Splash, Suzie, and Kizzy. Splash, the only boy, died a good few years ago. A nasty case of Feline Gastro-peredonitis - very sad to see. Suzie was the mother of the three and died last year, of many complications but basically cancer, like Splash she was a long haired fluffball and very, very friendly. Kizzy ended up as the short haired tortoise-shell runt of the bunch. The youngest, and most skittish - she still isn't particularly comfortable around people... unless she is a) asleep b) thinks you have food (then she is very vocal).

We get her back this afternoon (she was taken to the vets this morning). She will probably only live a couple more weeks, but right now she seems her normal self, if a little thinner.

Its going to be a wierd few weeks. I'll miss her when she's gone.

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