February 21st, 2005



To everyone who has ever wished I'd just go take a flying leap...

me.. taking a flying leap

Yes indeed that is me, in the red, about it leap off a balcony into one of those stuntman airbags. Was pretty tough to do as I'm afraid of heights.

Its not the deep paralysing fear that some people have. Its not so much the heights themselves that root me to the spot. Its the falling. Now that sounds pithy, but its true. If I feel completely safe, or am convinced that I am safe, then I'm fine. Its just when I'm not convinced that I cling on to the ground and refuse to move. This is rare, but it does happen.

So it is part of my goal to overcome this that I did this.. now onto skydiving.

This was at The Outdoor Adventure Show - a extreme sports/general outdoors trade show/event that was held in Kensington Olympia this weekend. It was really cool, and yet again reminded me to get off my fat ass and into the gym. Lots of things there that I could do (like MountainBoarding) but that also cost a lot of money...

They were teasing me with the food places as well, first I was confronted with Supreme Sausages after not having had any lunch then, almost next door to them was Gormet Med which, although their website doesn't tell you much, is basically a yummy deli type place. Mmmmmmm...

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