February 17th, 2005

fishy wishy

Live... Press?

My name is Gregory Wild-Smith... and I am a LiveJournal User.

There is a stigma associated with LiveJournal in a large portion of the blogosphere. Somehow it is seen as lesser, and shoo'd away. There's a sense that many people would prefer to pretend that it didn't exist. I think in part because they see themselves as serious bloggers, and don't want to be associated with the predominantly teenage girl population of LJ.

Which is silly. Its not like I don't see my fair share of pointless links and kitty pictures in blogs. LiveJournal has something that other blogs don't - a community. Blogging will never directly replace LJ, or vice versa, they are two different audiences. Blogging you can interact with, LJ you can be part of. These are two very different, but also similar user experiences. Often both areas have their own uses. LiveJournal tends to be more useful for its privacy and so its more personal thoughts.

However there is some overlap.

It is in the spirit of this overlap that I am posting this, for this appears on both my LJ and my WordPress powered blog. How? Well I'm using a heaviliy modified version of a plugin by Jason Goldsmith so that, when I want to, I can post up what I post here in my LJ. Useful, don't you think?
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