January 27th, 2005


Adventures in A Modern Relationship

Miriam : i dont have a problem molesting teddy bears

darkcryst: I see it now:
Counciller: "So Miriam, point to the doll where you were touched"
You: "Where I was tou.. oh! Yes.. Umm..me.. yes.. it was me who.. yeah. Come here doll."
Doll: "Noooooo the humiliation!"

Miriam : you know what would make that statement even better?

Miriam : if you were naked.

Happy 8 Month Aniversary to us! *grin*
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I'm a princess!

For everything else...

20gig Music/Video Player: £200
Ganking your Friends mp3's: Cost Of Petrol.
Rocking out at work to an old Smashing Pumpkins track, including drumming on the desk and mini-mosh, and THEN remember you are in an open plan office: priceless.

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