January 19th, 2005

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Euphemisms and the Modern Man

Euphemisms are funny things.

When I first met Miriam back in May last year I was often asked by friends of mine that hadn't met her (many, as we were kind of pre-occupied with each other) what she was like. Now words like "pretty", "funny" and such come to mind but they don't really describe her.. usually I replyied with a smile and said "Disarming".

Which is why I was amused by this exchange in Closer:

Jude(who is an obituary writer): Sometimes we put in some euphemisms for fun.
Natalie: Like what?
Jude: Hmm.. "He had a convivial personality."
Natalie: What's that?
Jude: He was an alchohilic.
Natalie: Ohhh. What others?
Jude: "Cherished their privacy", was secretly gay. "Enjoyed his privacy." Raging Queen!
Natalie: What's my euphemism?
Jude: *looks at her, a second too long* Disarming.
Natalie: That's not a euphemism.
Jude: Oh yes it is.

I think you can see why it applies...
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