January 13th, 2005

mixed up mashed up world

Some Thoughts.

New Year, New Entry. Kind Of.

So the iPod Shuffle is out, and the iPod Mini is out. These are both really tasty and, barring games and such.. I'm sure I'd love to work in an all Mac office.

It certainly would be pretty, and fast...

unlike my current office...

So I'm back in the Uk, back at work, back in a suit.

This is probably a good thing, not only for the money, but that it takes my mind of things. Everyone at work has been really interested in the photos I brought back. The general concensus is that a) Miriam is cute (duh!) and b) We look really good together (awww!)... so yay.

The current plan is that she'll come over here around May, after her graduation. For how long is undetermined as yet, hopefully a while.. it would work out best that way I think.

There is much to be said, but I'll let it stand at this for now: I really felt like one of the family there. I think that says a lot.
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