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Your mission... should you choose to accept it....

I have a challenge for you all.

I need a 1972 Sanyo ICC 808D Calculator. I need you to help me find it.

Obviously I'm willing to pay for it, and I'm will to pay what is needed. I just got outbid in an ebay auction for one at the last minute, and I'm not going to have that happen again. (thanks grahamux for the tip on that too... ).

Whoever manages to find me one (or leads me to being able to get one) will get a prize. I don't know what it'll be, but it'll be a token of thanks of some tangible sort.

Why do I need it? It's for a Halloween costume, next years costume to be exact... I plan ahead.

Anyhow, tell your friends, use you contacts. I need one of these.

Thanks guys.

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