December 31st, 2004


That was the year that was...

This year started much as it is going to end: drunken movie watching.

Last year I spent it in Cambridge with Richard (who I must see at some point, now I have a car), and this year Miriam and I are probably going to spend it in the same way. Everything in the Bay is like $100 at least, and I'm still not fully well. The sore throat is mostly gone, but this seems to have given way to an ear/sinus ick.. not bad, just not 100%.

So yeah... what kind of year has it been? One of change.

I got a new job, a new girlfriend, and pretty much changed my life reasonably. This I think bodes well for the future. I'm actually looking forward to the future a bit, even if it is uncertain.. I have things I want to happen, and things are happening. So... finally ;)

SF has been really great, I love it here. Its been rather.. well English.. in its weather recently, but its still nice. Monteray was wet.. and kind of a blow out in some ways, but it was still really pretty. I've been remiss in posting pictures on my moblog... I shall rectify that asap. We went to Napa, tasted wine, had fun.

In short.. I can think of no-where, and no-one I'd rather spend New Year with. Happy New Year everyone. Love you all, and hope its a good one.

Here's to 2005 being an even better year.
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