December 20th, 2004

Rocky eyebrow

Man In Black

Well I went to San Francisco.. and I didn't have flowers in my hair, sorry.

I've been taking lots of pictures with my phone, as its better for quick fun snaps than my more serious brick of a camera.

So far its been great. The weather is really mild here, and Oakland/the bay area is reeeeally pretty. I have lots to talk about, but I think I'll try to update weekly.. I may actually be able to do that!

What I've done so far: Tried my first proper sushi (mmmm), tried my first Dim Sum (more mmm), walked around Oakland (pretty), Driven around SF (really cool), Seen the Golden Gate Bridge (, but not driven over it yet - its a toll bridge) from a really pretty part of SF. Saw a giant Robot Santa with Metal Wang (no.. really, photos to come).. and much more.

However yesterday on the way back from SF to Oakland we stopped off at Grizzly Peakto watch the sun set, from there you can see across the whole bay - from Oakland, to San Fran, The Golden Gate, to Berkely. For now I shall leave you with some photos of this.

Go to my moblog to view more. I'll probably be posting up videos as well at some point! It'll also be updated with pictures more often than this journal too, so bookmark it or something.

As for the icon? We had a Rocky Horror party last night.. whoo!

- Greg Out
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