October 15th, 2004

fishy wishy

Strange Machine

[posted superficially for Warren's FlashMob LJ event, a shade over 200 words. I know I don't post here much anymore.. I think I'll do more stuff like this tho. It'll get me writing again, and be good for me on the Twilight front.]

Liquid Narcotics

I always liked the sea.

The crisp tang to the air, infused with energy. A buzz that rode up my spine ever since I was a child - entranced at the reflections of the holographic lights dancing in the black, inky, silt water. There’s power to the sea.

The pier fairground never used to interest me that much, with its usual mixture of freak shows and burnt out video games. It was full of people.

I hate people.

I always said that one day I’d rid the world of these hypocritical, stupid, slow morons that surrounded me. I was playing by a rock pool when I noticed it you see, the water moved with my hand. The water knew me. The sea knew me.

It’s taken me many years to really understand my gift. Many long walks under the pier, hiding within its green bars, hearing the jacked in scum turn on, plug-in, and tune out the ocean. They never hear anything anymore, too much high-frequency noise in the brain.

The funny thing is that the scientists keep trying to explain the rising tides. Global Warming they said - a sign of the times. Too much consumption, too little recycling. They’re going to have a problem explaining what’s going on when the tidal wave rolls down the Thames, and turns Glastonbury Tor into an island.

Drown you fuckers.