August 25th, 2004

mixed up mashed up world

...Like a rolling stone.

Why won't people hire me?

Just got a rejection letter through from a job I interviewed for last week. Shit. It was, aside from the pay, pretty much perfect. I was really hoping I'd get that. Guess not.

I've got another interview for a job that, while not really what I want to do, at least pays well and is IT related. Somehow I can't work up enthusiasm for it right now however. Bah I say... bah.

After tomorrow I have no more interviews lined up, why? Because no-one responds. I wouldn't mind so much if I got "sorry you didn't make it to the interview stage" responces, but no.. nothing so small. Mostly I just hear nothing at all. How shitty is that? The least a company can do is let you know where you stand.

Its not like I'm just applying for IT either - any retail positions either don't get back to me, or claim I'm overqualified. Ok so I'm sure they don't want me disapearing on them if I get a good job offer.. but ffs, its not like I have a choice right now! I can't apply for anything high scale in retail because I have no experience in that area, so any application to jobs like that may as well just go in the bin. Yet I'm "overqualified".

Fuckers. Just hire me you fucks!
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