May 24th, 2004

fishy wishy

Ok.. so.. yeah...

So whats been going on here then?

Well... beachglass83Miriam is going to be here in... 4 days!

The phrase "hella cool" comes to mind. I can't wait for her to get here *bounces* Going to be great fun.

Also, many thanks must go out to Miriam for keeping me sane when I was having, what can only be described as, a migrane. She's the best. Man that shit hurt, and gave me nausea too. I've only got headaches that bad when my back has been shitty and, true to form, my back has been up the creek. I hurt it running with my sister mid-week, and its been sore since. It topped out friday night though, along with the headache. This meant that, while I managed to see anab1 on friday day (which was fun), I was unable to go to sterilespells fancy dress party saturday (which I really wanted to go to) *sigh* I was going to go as Eddie from Rocky Horror too...

So.. yeah. Oh and to everyone who voted in my poll a few.. er.. weeks back.. I AM going to get around to posting that post (eventually the ZOMBIES won.. yay!). I really am, I promise.

For now though.. I'd like you to help me. I've been messing around with the new version of WordPress (v1.2) at my, currently rather static, website. One of the funcy new features of this release (aside from great comment spam filtering) are Plugins. They take the concept of hacks that was alreay in WordPress and make them easier to manage and implement.

So what does this have to do you YOU?

Well I'm working on a plugin that automatically wraps common names, and site names, with the URL of the site. Some examples (lifted right out of the code) are below:
Collapse )

As you can see its a varied list of things, but the idea is that it is a list of common, or well read sites. Off the top of my head I can see some I will add - like webcomics (Penny Arcade, Mac Hall, and PvpOnline come to mind).. what sites/blogs/webcomics would you suggest? Give me a name and the url to the site, and I'll add it in there. Remember - stuff that many people would read here, or that would commonly be linked to.. etc.
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fishy wishy

damn you all!

Nothing? Nothing?! Nothing, tra la la???!

*scowls at you all*

Anyone would think you have productive days jobs and don't spend all your time goofing off on the net!

Bah! Bah I say.
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