May 6th, 2004

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To Glisten Once Again...

Its another photo entry!

and you all thought I had forgotten about them ;)

To put this photo into context you may want to look at this entry, the first photo I restored, featuring my great-grandfather. The same man features in this photo, albiet a bit older here.

This time the photo is taken more than 10 years later, at the around end of the first world war. He was a Sergeant at this time, and I think thats as far as he got, I could be wrong, hell I could be wrong about the rank (that's what three stripes is right? Military buffs... correct me if I'm wrong). Anyhow, here he is with a fellow sarge and someone with a classic mustache!

My great-grandfather in the british army, around the end of world war one.

This one was an absolute pig to do, which also accounts for some of the extra time between posts. It was incredibly dirty, the image above doesn't really highlight the full extent of it.

Dirt and staining are much harder to clean up than a scratch, because in essence with a scratch you don't have to protect any information - you just rebuild. With dirt it often obscures or just changes a bit a large area, while still letting you see the photo beneath. You don't want to change it in that respect, just remove the dirt. Much harder.

Here's an example of rebuilding, it also shows you part of the stuff I'm not showing you - the cardboard backing these photos come on. I'm restoring the edging too:

Done a bit before I'd finished, but its a good example.

Oh and if you haven't seen the other photos I've restored and are going "huh?" to this entry, or just want to review them.. I've collected them all into a section in my memories here on LJ.
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I'm a princess!


New Terry Pratchett book!

"A Hat Full of Sky"

£3 off retail price!


It features the witches and the Nac Mac Feegle! See you in a few hours! *reads*

anab1 you'll love it, just look at this decal from the inside cover:

I know you want that pendant now, I know I do! So pretty.
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