April 24th, 2004

fishy wishy

An interesting meme.

A meme that requires some actual thought and work.

Abortion?:pro-choice, but they should reduce the number of weeks that its allowable for.
Death Penalty?:Against, there really is no reason for it other than revenge and social disgust.
Prostitution?:Should be legalised and regulated. Would be better for all involved.
Alcohol?:If you're buying.. sure.
Marijuana?:Not the solution to work peace that stoners think it is.
Other drugs?:Regulated, clean, and sensible drugs legalisation will never happen, but its what should happen.
Gay marriage?:Everyone deserves equal rights. Civil Unions don't give that. Nuff said.
Illegal immigrants?:The immigration system causes most of the problems, but you should still apply.
Smoking?:Ugly, nasty habbit, stinks, and hurts other people.
Drunk driving?:should have harsher penalties for it. No excuse.
Cloning?:Opens up an interesting discussion about what a person is. The technology I'm all for though.
Racism?:Stupid and pointless, but sadly seems to be increasing in a casual social sense.
Premarital sex?:as long as its protected and concensial, sure. Both parties need to be emotionally ready though.
Religion?:hahahaha.. don't get me started. Faith is fine tho, religion is a different matter.
The war in Iraq?:long term results will be good for Iraq. We were lied to about it though, and too many people are dying to make the ends justify the means.
Bush?:Dangerous puppet of his old boy administration. I hold no malice towards him, but he's managed to destroy most of the good will America had, and screw the peoples rights over.
Downloading music?:I suport artists, but I loathe the record industry. Plus if you were never going to buy the album anyhow.. what is one song? Some solution is needed.. iTunes is a good start.
The legal drinking age?:18 here, that seems sensible.
Porn?:Its flesh.. we'll all see, and do many of the things mainstream porn shows. Ppl need to accept that underneath their clothes, they are naked.
Suicide?:Should never need to be an option, there are always other ways out. Euthenasia tho.. thats another topic.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!
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