April 22nd, 2004


To you, the viewing public.

I have a number of things I want to write about, but I'm often torn as to what part of my cognative spleen to vent, or I'm just plain lazy about it.

So I decided to let you choose, or suggest, a topic to write. The choices below are a couple of the ideas that I've been batting around lately, or you can suggest something else. Its up to you. I probably will write both at some point, then again I've said that before.. something else might come up and I'll forget.

Poll #283128 You're the audience...

What should I write about?

Why opinions can be wrong: The fallacy of internet arguments.
Zombies! My view of the Living Dead.
something else (suggest below).

What else, if anything, should I write about?

Oh! Also, if you visit my actual journal, as opposed to reading through your friends lists, you'll see that I've put a neat little display box thatshows my latest moblog post, linked and all. Took a while of searching, but I finally worked out how to customise the Opal s2 style to do that. ITs not really that hard, but its nifty.. check it out.
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