April 9th, 2004

fishy wishy

Apple Whore!

I'm working on anothing image right now, but I thought I'd post this in the mean time.

Basically just a reminder that its my birthday coming up (April 17th), and while I'd prefer to see you all, gifts are always nice ;)

The campain to get a pretty pretty iPod continues, for I am not close to getting one yet :(

Yes, feel my whoreage.. buy my love! ;)

EDIT - I want to make it plain that I don't expect ppl to suddenly whip $100 bucks out their asses.. the idea here is more "Cant think of what to get me? Don't want to spend the same that you paid for the gift as on mailing charges? Only got a few bucks? Contribute!" not.. "give me your money now! else you are a bad friend".
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