March 27th, 2004

mixed up mashed up world


People are, quite rightly, pissed off about these remarks Bush made. Now I'm all up for good humour, but holdup a minute, that just isn't funny.

People who say lighten up need to think of it the other way around. What if Osama's latest video release featured him holding up a photo of the WTC and him going "Whoops *snigger*"

Would it be funny then?

More people have died in Iraq than in the WTC, over 10,000 Iraq's (8,000+ of them civilians, surgical strike my ass), and nearly 600 (about 580 to be more exact) US Soldiers. Thats not counting soliders from my home country, or the rest of the 'Axis of The Willing.'

So thats nearly tripple the lives lost in the, still horrific, Sept 11th attacks.

See why I struggle to find the humor? The fact that Bush is making light of the very reason he claims he went to war, the very reason all those people DIED, just proves to me that he is a dangerous madman out of touch with the world.

I swear, if november rolls around and he's still in office.. there will be riots. Hell, there should be.
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