March 13th, 2004

live in colour

Moving swiftly on...

Wow.. things have been kind of... semi-serious around here lately huh?

Next I'll be moving on to having entries that are well written and, you know, contain correct spelling. It is then that the doom times will befall us. Yea, verrilly did God spake thus from the mountain, sounding much like Barry White:
"Be warned my children, when that British eejit starts sounding like he knows anything, makes sense and, most terrible of all, spells sense correctly, a dark day will befall you all. Yes, because it is then that I shall visit destruction on you all...


"Well... maybe not if you give me Pocky.."

The lesson from all of this? God loves Pocky.


So... moving on to more normal journal/blog/pick a buzzword type matters: blatent self promotion.

It's my birthday soon, on April 17th too be exact (subtle aren't I?), and well... I know a whole bunch of you were going to show me that you cared...
Ok.. well.. some of you.
At least two of you then.

Anyhow. I have the perfect solution if you'd like to, in some way, reward me for being born.

Yes, I am, point of fact... a corporate consumer whore. As previously said here.. I... LUST after one of these damn things. Clicking on that image, which is also in my user info btw, will send you to donate to my paypal account.

The way I look at it is this - you get to buy me something I REALLY want, and you get to save money on postage. I don't expect you all to actually be able to BUY me one, but everything you donate will help me offset the cost and stuff.

Yeah ok, I know this is shameless. My answer to that? I have no shame. So, yes, if you wanted to get something, but can only afford a couple of bucks/pounds/million yen, then this is the way to make it count! Go on.. you know you want to...

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fishy wishy

Yeah yeah... its a band, they have a wagon.

Ok, well, that name meme in a minute, I don't usually post meme's but at least it needs some level of creativity this time to post it.

However, before I do that, I just wanted to mention the quizzical depths of the My Recieved Files folder on my computer. Where did half of this come from? I've got 2 hours of music on here that I didn't know I had! This mostly stems fro mthe fact that when someone says to me on IM "Ohhh.. you HAVE to listen to this band/song/troupe of monkeys calling for sex!" I'll go "ok.. cool." they'll send it to me... and I'll forget about it.

I have some song 'Hicksville' by a band called Celtic Cross. Its very good.. but I've no idea who sent it to me. None. Wierdness.

Anyhow.. that name meme going around:

If you call me Greg, you could be anyone. Everyone calls me Greg.
If you call me Gregory, I've no idea who you are. Posibly you are my parents calling me from downstairs (its longer, so easier to shout). Even teachers didn't always call me this at school. Go figure. Its my name after all...
If you call me Mr Wild-Smith, you are offical in some way, or a telemarketer.
If you call me Tonka, you are that guy from Sixth Form that tried to start that as a nickname for me (he failed) why? "Because you're like the toys... fucking indestructable."
If you call me DarkCryst, I know you online.. I'm always DarkCryst. There can be only one. ;)
If you call me DC, then I probably talk to you a lot online, or I know you from my Eve Online days. DC isn't bad as a nickname I guess... rolls off the tongue ok.
If you call me Craig, then you've misheard someone (maybe me) introduce myself as Greg.
If you call me anything else... I probably won't answer.
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