February 3rd, 2004

Greg luff

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist....

Ok, well I've been flexing my creative juices tonight, and I thought I'd post up some LJ/Computer related stuff I've done in the past

The original photo for the last one was from cmpriest's sci-fi opus, and just BEGGED that line. More on the Weebl themed animated icons shall be produced, but they take time and I got bored, I have a few more I'm going to do tho. If you like the get fuzzy stuff make sure you check out the windows icons I did with them. Feel free to grab any icons, credit is always nice if you do.. but as I've stated before, won't kill me if you don't. Just polite.

Oh and a Tegan and Sara themed Wallpaper for you all.. I made it for petpenguins, and if you don't know who Tegan and Sara are... FIND OUT. I was the very happy recipent of some of their CD's from El Penguino, and I really, really love them:

there is some detail in this that doesn't show up here...
click and get the larger image

anyhow.. thought you might like them, so enjoy, tell me what you think...
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