January 24th, 2004

fishy wishy


Ok.. I can't get to sleep lately.

Or rather, when I do fall asleep its from fatigue, not because I should be going to sleep.
This seems to be caused by the pills I'm taking for my back, one of the listed side effects was insomnia.

Well... fabaroo.

However my dad coming in at *check time* 6:40am to tell me "You really should get some sleep" is just plain dumb. I mean, gee, its a choice of mine you know? I WANT to have my day fucked up, really I do. I could lie on my bed doing nothing all night till I fell asleep at around the same goddamn time, but would there be any point to that? No.

However I do think that somehow my parents would prefer that.. you know, like I was obviously trying to sleep or something. ffs..

Plus they plan to wake me up "at a sensible time" so my body clock works properly I guess. Sadly Insomnia doesn't work like that.. I may be tired, but I still can't sleep. So today I shall be fucking horribly tired, and unable to sleep. Great, thanks parents. Hope you feel better for this, because I sure won't.
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