January 22nd, 2004

fishy wishy

And so... to bed

The latest render:

There's an issue with the windscreen, and I'm not so happy about its material, but will do for tonight.
The doors, boot, and bonnet are all seperate parts too. This means it should be animaitible animat.. ani movable, and other groovy stuff. Damn I need to go to bed. When everyone in the states is in bed before you.. this is a sign of.. of... something anyhow.

Still.. its coming along. What do you think?
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fishy wishy

Oh.. more about the car.

I was kind of miffed that you couldn't see the paint show up that well in the previous render, but that is what you get for using global illumination, and no direct light sources.. no shiny bits.

Anyhow.. did a test render with a direct light to show how the paint looks. Nothing has changed but the light: