November 1st, 2003

fishy wishy

Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot...

So the local big firework display was/is on tonight. I can hear it from my window.

I went to watch some of it, was ok, nothing special - certainly not compared to previous years - but it was bringing back memories of the states, and so I stopped that right there.

I think I AM going to iceland this new year, my boss seemed pretty positive about the time off, and I will likd of be ablke to afford it when the time comes, all I need now is to book a ticket I guess.

I'm psyching myself up to that part.

The 10pm - 10am shift last night actually went to 9am.. but that was enough.. ugh. It was actually alright, just tiring. The boss bought us pizza and drinks to munch while changing over the store, so not exactly the worst night ever :)

With that I leave you, hope you all had a good halloween.
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