October 2nd, 2003


Retail Therapy

I've been pretty 'urgh' lately and so I have a night out this Friday.

Its a gig.

I'm going to see Skin in concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire, if you don't know who she is - shes the ex-lead singer from Skunk Anansie. If you don't know who they are.. well you should, and there's no helping some people.

However.. I ran into a slight snag with my joyful planning.. namely my clothes suck a kind of ass so rank there needs to be a new animal bred to have it. The Skankalopadus perhaps, or maybe the ShittyT-Shirted Moth.. that might work.

Anyhow.. so on to a quest after work (at which my job as been for the last 5 days to pilot flying flying saucers... no, I'm not kidding) to Burtons, who are a lot better than their crap website might indicate.

Burtons used to be a... a... 'gents' store. Shirts, smart shoes, ties, smart jackets, that kind of thing, and all very nice stuff too. While they still do clothes like that, they ave seen fit in recent years to produce more.. yound adult wear. And very spiffy it is too.

They are a british company and are very keen to get a more british fashion sense into their stores. They have a 'best of british' thing going on atm, which basically means british models and actors showing off british designers clothes. I have to say I LOVE what they have had in there. Sort of a trashy indie thing without being too... crap. A nice rough edge to the designs and styles, while still being quality wear.

Anyhow.. to cut a long story short (too late) I had some retail therapy and got two tops and a pair of nifty jeans. shineyquarter has seen them on my webcam, and unless you want to see them on there too (and so have yahoo) you'll have to take my and her word for it that they are tré spiffy.

Retail therapy works.

You see ladies, unlike popular opinion, men enjoy shopping. The difference is that we enjoy a different type of shopping. We like shopping trips to have, if not a defined purchace, a defined goal. Window shopping is not acceptable.. unless previously planned, and incorporated into a journey to somewhere else.

We like to go in.. look in the area that we plan to buy.. buy.. then leave. We don't like flittering around like some retail butterfly with a shoe fettish. I have seen women who's feet have actually moved them into the store against the better judgment of her brain. You can see it in their face.. they frown at everything they can see.. but at the same time their legs are inexplicably walking INTO the damn store.

What is THAT about? Ah well... go figure.
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