September 29th, 2003

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Work Work Work

I'm working 36 hours this week.

This is a good thing, its basically full time, I need the money. The problem I have with it is the wierd ass hours that screw up the rest of my day, ah well.

I think I have this thing with jobs I don't want to stay in.. I loathe getting up and going to them, even if I have a good time while I'm there, which I usually do with this one. I see the next shift on the horizon with a sence of foreboding and truly feel trapped and sick that its coming.

Which is dumb. Granted I'm still ill.. so that may have something to do with me feeling down, but I know I do this to a certain extent when I'm fine. I guess everyone does it a bit, but I really noticed it today. I have a 9 hour shift.. fun.

I've decide to get myself out of this rut, and to do that I need to focus a bit more. I have a list of things to do.. and I think I can get there.

  1. Get Twilight sorted - Actually get this to a stage that I can show artists like choebe something cohearant. It doesn't have to be all the info, just enough. I've been to obsessed trying to get everything in my head onto the page, and that isn't needed.

  2. Apply Apply Apply! - Apply to as many jobs as I can humanly find. I don't care where they are. Need a better job that is doing something I know about.. something that I went to Uni FOR.

  3. Polish Up - My CV, my website, my portfolio. All these need a little polish, including my cover letter writing.. because I'm convinced I suck there. Any tips from anyone? I'll prolly start most of this section first.

So yes.. there is a gameplan, even if I don't know what the game is right now.
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