September 8th, 2003

mixed up mashed up world

I know my more geeky friends will apriciate this...


I've had a long established love of not just the vampire genre, but of the mythos. I'd quite like to string up the staff of whitewolf across a large barbed wire fence with flaming pokers stuffed into their flacid, flabby stomachs, as dogs chewed on thier toes and deficated in their mouths. All whilst I covered them in the offal left over from when I ground Anne Rice into a small pulp several hours previously after subjecting her to Queen Of The Damned for several days.

There would be a sound to acompany all this.. it would be me going -

And then as their last breath dribbled out of their wheezing corpses I would stuff their entire catalogue of purile, diluted, half-arsed, idiot ridden GARBAGE down their throats.

I like the idea of a vampire roleplay game but not, and this is the important part, at the expense of the vampires. Damnit.. ah well. Anne Rice of course can't be blamed for her legions of fandom. She can be blamed for her largely ASS output though.

Ah well.. proper post soon, I promice.
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