August 7th, 2003


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Ok... sometimes you wonder what possed someone to create something.

The game Frontal Assault is such an item.

Basically you can think of it like Dance Dance Revolution, but rather than hitting directions to match the icons you have to.. wait for it...

...make a pair of breasts bounce or rotate in the correct fashion.

It doesn't require installing, its just a folder, so I tested it out.. and you know what?

Its actually quite an addictive game! Its rediculous concept is so silly as to render it kind of transparent.. and you end up thinking seriously "hmmm how to I get them to rotate in oposite directions at the same time?" Its not as if its a naked busom after all.. its bikini clad.. so that must make it almost tastful right?


Yeah ok.. I know.. I'll get my coat.

But seriously.. download it, its hilarious and addictive fun.
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