August 6th, 2003

blood simple


Ok, so the job at Mars Interactive is kaput.

This basically is because there was a specific time frame that they needed me to start by. While it looked likley that I would be able to start then, the visa fun meant that it couldn't be guarenteed. So I was a risk they couldn't take. Great huh?

I'm depressed and angry, well duh... no surprises there. Powell was really nice about the whole thing and I know he wanted me to work there... he aparently spent a large part of the weekend trying to talk Jay out of it.. but no luck there. I understand the reasons for it, so no real blame.. I'm just pissed off that after the good news of the earlier visa apointment and I was getting my hopes up.. *smack* thou shalt not have hope young man...

So I'm heading home. Great. Back to the Uk.. where I have zero chance of a job that pays actual money, and less chance than that of actually finding a place to live that isn't my parents. Fabulous. Great.

Yes you read that right.. I'm heading back next week. Excuse me while I go wallow in self pity and failure.
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