July 25th, 2003

mixed up mashed up world

We've come a long long way together...


Finally got back to my drug. I've been away too long. A lot of times at home I'll just rack up a few kick ass tunes into my playlist and I'll turn it up loud, then just rock out. That doesn't mean its all metal, or headbanging. Many times its goofball stuff, or Fat Boy Slim.. and yes, many times its also Foo Fighters, Deftones, SNC, or Marilyn Manson.. thats not the point.

What its about its wilding out to the music and just feeling it.

Thats what I've been doing for the last half an hour, just loud enough to rock out, not enough to piss off the people downstairs. Avi has gone out for the evening you see.. Laura, her, and Jyll are having a 'girls night' whatever that entails. I spent a weekend with them while they did that, and as fun as it was - I've no need to play the fifth wheel again thankye.. so I'm indoors, by myself, not going to see Ron White.. damnit.

cmpriest is heading to see the drunk texan comedian tonight, and I would join her - but don't have the cash. I may try to go to Bobcat Goldthwait next week tho.. as, I'm sure he'd hate this, ever since I saw him on Police Acadamy I think he's rocked.

However, back on topic, the tonight with the music made me realise that which I'd missed. Somehow I just am more centered, more creative... just more.. me with this 'rock out' time. Which is good I think, I've been kind of out of sorts lately for a number of reasons. I won't go into them here.. mainly because I'm not really sure what they are...

Aaaanyhow.. update on my immigration stuff. The earliest appointment I could get at the (london) US Embassy was 5th Sept... annoying. I REALLY want to work at Mars and I don't want it to be screwed up by crappy red tape. I've notified Powell and Blake (the lawyer) about this and am waiting on word from Blake as to if going through Canada may be better... we'll see I guess.

*rocks out*
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Ok.. I was just starting to get a bit bored.. and I started channel hopping.

Fright Night is on AMC... *mwah* Cheezy classic horror movie goodness!