July 10th, 2003

fishy wishy

Things I....

Ok.. first off if you didn't catch this link from cmpriest then go there now... no.. NOW.. why are you still here? GO.

Just when I'd got that damn song out of my head too... nooooooooo...

homo-erotic glances by world leaders... nooooooo


In other news.... Guess who got a job at Mars Interactive???
No, not David Beckham. He may have more style but he knows shit about html. ME!
*bootay dances*
*gets all up ons*

Whoo! Powell e-mailed me and I ran walked as fast as I could to Avi's office so I could phone him. I'm calling him again tomorrow to get more details and go over things that he hasn't got in front of him today... but basically I have a job there. :)

Of course now comes the fun of the Immigration Dept. If anyone here has got, or knows someone who has, any experience in this - it would be a great help. I know roughly what I'm doing/have to do, but would be nice to have someone who knows more than me to help...

oh.. and in addition - I've taken out my piercing. It wasn't really healing fully, and Avi doing the same sort of got me to thinking about it. I'll leave it a day or so and see how it does.. if I can't get it in again after that..then oh well *shrugs*
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Miss you...

I get all worried when Avi logs of YIM to come home and then 30 mins later isn't back still.. when she is driving and works 5 mins WALK away...

Is that silly?

It IS raining in LUMPS and the power keeps fritzing from the lightning...
..and I worry.

I know she's a big girl and that... but yeah... I worry.

Am I a goof?
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