June 2nd, 2003

fishy wishy

A plea to Icelanders... and all people in other parts of Europe

Ok. .well firstly.. I can't sleep right now... I tried, I failed. So this might not make as much sense as I want it too..

You have been warned.

Ok.. remember those fonts I created? Ok.. good. Well.. I'm trying to work out exactly what characters I need to make it a basically complete character set. I'm not going to include and letters of a Russian origin.. and prolly none of the Greek ones either.. because, well, frankly... its too much work.

However.. I do want to get most of the other characters used. Now a lot of European languages use mostly the standard Hebrew based alphabet (what adobe and others rather irritatingly call the "western" or "standard" alphabet) with some variations. like the wiggly bit on the C in French (the cedilla?) and such like.

However I don't know them all... I'm a dufus with languages - its something I want to correct, and will someday - so I need your help. Scandinavian based languages have lots of uber funny characters (to me that is)... so some help there would be good. I think I have the "thorn" character and the "eth" (that would be þ and ð) but that’s all I know that are in those sets.

Its actually more knowing where to stop than what characters to do, as I have all the characters listed, but they include about 1000 characters - most of which I don't need.

So yeah.. this is where all you language people who put me to shame and make me forget I'm speaking to someone who English is their second or third language come in.

Basically I need the character encoding you guys use, (like Latin-1,2 or 5) or at least the "non-standard" (adobe again) characters that are in your languages. Please, please, please help. I want you to be able to use my fonts.

Thanks :)

Now please can I get some sleep...? please?.
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