May 30th, 2003

fishy wishy

Good lord...

... its damn humid here. Kills me.

Its about 26 degrees here (about 80F I think for you yanks). This would be quite fine, but its bloody humid. Worst of all my room (for some unknown reason) is about twice as humid as the rest of the house.


I like it hot, I really do. It was about this temp in TN when I was there.. and I was fine and dandy. Merf. No air-con either - we brits reserve that for a luxuary in cars.. if you are lucky.

anyhow... you may remember that I did this font a little while back. If you don't remember a font.. check that out and give some advice/constructive critism.

Anyhow.. I made a second font. Again based on the matrix. Remember the messages that Neo wakes up to? That whole black computer terminal and green text thing? Well I made that font.

Currently its only the characters displayed there, but I intend to expand the character set to support the non-english characters asap on both fonts (as reminded by the indominable rinnywee - not everyone is english) It won't be a 'complete' character set, but I'll do most of them.

Two fonts based on The Matrix and more to come? Yes I'm a geek.
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