May 29th, 2003

I'm a princess!

DJ DarkCryst in da Hizouse.....


I've got my shoutcast mp3 stream working.. so if y'all want to listen to some of my music (and posibly me rambling down the microphone) then point your music players to -

I can't say it'll be on 24/7 - but it'll be on whenever I'm online, so those of you that have me listed on IM progs will prolly have a good idea of when its up. Generally tho - most of the time.

Its a large mix of music from electronica to rock.. and featuring some bands you've proabably never heard of and some you will have.

10 users max though.. if I get even get close to that I'll be amazed.. heh - but you're welcome to try :)

in addition, just to jump on the band waggon like the musical frog I am -

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    Conjure One - Sleep (Ian Van Dahl Remix)