April 10th, 2003

fishy wishy

We've got a lot of milk!

From : Adrian Wild-Smith
To : darkcyst
Date : 10 April 2003 15:30:12
Subject : We've got a lot of milk!
What's happened on the luggage front? Presumably Avionne is still managing to suffer your presence - she needs several medals. As you might have noted [via subject] we've got a full fridge which is unusual, something must be missing ..... but I can't remember what!
Hope you're having a busy and interesting time.

Wuh.. huh? What? Noooo...
Its a conspiracy to blame me for milk consumption I tell you! A CONSPIRACY!


Yes, well... luggage arrived yesterday late morning.. 24 hours late, but its here. Unfortunately they had to break and remove the lock (bah) and its looking a bit more dirty than it was, but I guess that is what happens to luggage over time.

So far I have sampled lots of American Cuisine.. so.. thats Taco Bell and Blimpies (like a Subway), and er.. 'Pickle Barrel' basically. I met Cherie, who's a lot of fun, and tonight is a riverboat cruise that is something to do with Avi's work.

Currently its been wet.. though warm. Something essentially un-english about warm rain. Its VERY pretty here, all woods and mountains. I've seen the Chattanooga Choo Choo (sing it.. I know you want to) and well.. its very pretty - in a hotel kind of way.

I'm going on a tour with our Able Guide™ Ms Cherie Priest on Sat around the area.. Civil Wars places.. Lookout Mountain.. etc. Looking forward to it.

Anyhooo... leave you with that for now. I'll have pictures at some point!

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