April 7th, 2003

fishy wishy

The Invasion Begins....

Yup.. I'm sitting at Avi's desk atm,

We got in at 3am... so 8am by my time.. I was very tired.
Currently I am still wiating for my luggage (funnnn) as it seems to have got left in Chigago.. great! Luckily I was sensible and put some spare clothes in my other bag.. so I'll be ok till they send it into Chattenooga airport (which could be today.. or tomorrow).

The flight was good (oooh I have some beautiful pictures in the air) and was actually pretty roomy. I was impressed. The food was nice, very nice, and I got to watch a couple of movies and listen to their 'radio' - I put on the classical station.. something about 40,000ft and sunshine just meant that it was the only sensible choice.. so pretty.

Anyhow... msg you when I can. I'll send a postcard to you :)


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