April 6th, 2003

fishy wishy


I'll be in the US soon!

I can't sleep! bah!

But I'll be in the states in less than 24hours! w00t!

Incidendally... its my birthday soon *plug plug* so if you feel like sending anything, even just a card, I'll be happy to get them.. always nice. Though I won't get them till I get back.

Remember Remember the 17th of ..er.. April... yeah. But also.. fi you are feeling uber-generous buy me a prezzie! heh. I have two wishlists set up with different stock at the Amazon sites.. so yeah.. if you're feeling flush.. send me stuff :D

US Wishlist
Uk Wishlist

So yes.. I'll be away for the next two weeks or so. I'll try to catch up with ppl, but if anything drastic happens pls link me k?
Can't wait to spend some more time with Avi, it'll be soooo much fun! *bounce*

Love you all,
night for now

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