March 24th, 2003



Well... hmm.. US troops in the Gulf aren't getting too good of a reputaion it seems...

One Tornado shot down... and a reporter killed... both seeming by US fire. Someone once told me the US has the worst friendly fire record of any country... not being improved so far :(

Such is war... *sighs*

Oh and theres a rumour that a chemical weapons factory has been found. No conrete evidence as of yet though..

I hope they do find something.. because if they don't there is going to be hell to pay internationally. See a lot of people think I'm against this action. They are wrong, I'm against the political motivations and manuvering that instigated this action.

I agree Saddam is a 'bad man' and fine.. if he's out it will be a good thing. I find the blood shed horrific still though, and I will not stoop to glorifing ANYONE's actions in this.

I was witness to some truely insensitve journalism today.. and a lot of sad news for families both here and in the US.

I'm not Anit-War... I'm not Pro-War either... but its upon us now, lets just hope it goes quickly and will as little blood shed as posible.

I'm not even sure why I'm writing this... its disjointed, and its late so maybe I make no sence here. I just feel that there is so much misunderstanding about the truth of what is going on out there (and some awful news coverage - CNN being particularly gross and insulting) that I wanted to make my views clear - or at least less missunderstood, as some people seem to have them.

I know at least one of my friends has a friend out there (40 Comando company - they were reported on the news the other day as being involved in action, he was already there anyhow.. been for months).. and I hope that he makes it back ok.

He was a nice guy...
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