March 3rd, 2003

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On livejournal and internet idiots...

Ok, so... I've not been updating much recently.
I dunno, just not felt the need.. I have posted two quizzes, and I shall probably burn in whatever hell there is for crappy LJ posts for that.

Aaanyhow.. before I get to the topic my subject line professes about.. I'd just like to say one thing...

Avi will be here in less than 4 days!

and I am starting to get utterly terrified by that fact...
Not that she herself is scary (though I'm sure she could be) its just the whole expectation thing I guess.. and I want everything to go well. So. um.. yeah. *nervous*

*cough* moving on...

yes.. so, prompted by a post from the lurvly hinterland about green_tree got me to thinking about how truly stupid and self absorbed some ppl on the internet are.

Take LJ for an example. This is a public forum. That is what it is, there is no argument there. It does however allow a user to make it a invite only, or personal forum by choice. So what really bugs me is people that complain about other users adding them as friends they tend to come out with comments like

"you MUST ask me for permission first.. blah blah"
"I am offended that you have added me without asking"
"I feel violated"

Get a fucking grip! ANYONE can view your journal, anyone. The only entries they can't see are the ones you protect (ie - friends only, or private), the rest is open to public viewing. Joe Blogs at a Cyber Cafe can surf right in and see your posts. Feel more violated now you pretensious fool? Fine, there is a curteousy of commenting in someones journal before adding them, but really all a friends list is is and easier way to keep track of the journals you like to read. No-one has to add you back, its not written in law or anything.

One guy on the green_tree entry (yes there is only one entry, and its a bizzare read) starts talking about his moral right under the constitution.. blah blah wank wank... for respect. Ooookay.. so what you are saying is that if I, for example, pin up a bit of paper onto a tree in public it is disrespectful for someone to read the message there unless they ask me first? riiight.

It amazes me the sheer ammount of idiocy on the net, from pompus posturing like the above, to people who take everything personally and cannot accept critisism without getting personal and agressive (which is usually what they accuse you of). I've spent a lot of time on IRC and forums, in fact it is because of the sheer ammount of idiots online that I no longer can be bothered with IRC. Web forums have, over the yeras, given me a lot of practice dealing with, well I would say retarded - but I know a good few perfectly nice and pleasant retarded ppl, so lets just say stupid.. stupid people.

Sometimes I think it is because, while being personal, the internet is very detached from other people. Sure you can chat and msg ppl, but at the end of the day its still you, in your house, at your desk. Some people seem to try to extend their personal bubble across the whole net and take everything personally or blow things out of proportion.

This brings us back to LJ.. and the oh so boring topic of LJ drama... I will say this for the record.. *coughs* I do not give a toss who reads my public entries here as they are just that.. public, if you do then you need to start posting friends only and re-read what the service here provides. I know my darlin' metaline has got rather nervous over things like this recently and she recently took a step back on her journal from people.

In this case she, I think, was worried that she couldn't trust everyone (or had no reason to) that if she when she gets famous that her personal laundry wouldn't be aired. Now this raises another privacy point, if you are that worried - that is what friends groups are for. They allow you to seperate the people who view your journal into specific groups - in this case it could be ones you totally trust, and ones you aren't sure about. You'd probably still post generally to your friends, but would limit certain posts to a specfic group of friends.

Sort of like life that really.

End of the line - do not put anything you would not wish to been seen into a journal entry on LJ, espcially public entries. But frankly, unless you are hiding a lot.. get a grip and deal with life.

LJ does not = life.
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