February 25th, 2003

fishy wishy

Hardcore Superstar, by far - you're the ultimate star...

Ok so... hmmm. Update time.

Firstly... you ever wake up so that you don't feel awake? Not tired.. but like you're still asleep? I nearly fell down the stairs when I got up because I felt so light headed and out of it... fine after breakfast, but stiil... wierd.

In other news the beautfiul sarsenetElsje send me a package in the mail! It made my day (I got it yesterday, but as I didn't update...) I was sooooooooo happy! *bounces*

Inside was a cute little handwritten note and 4 cds! w00t! Three of which were Tegan and Sara cd's!! Double w00t!! and I'm now addicted to them!!! tripple w00t!!! Seriously made my day.. my week even. Thank you soooo much honey! I'm just going to have have to send you LOADS of things now *hugs*

The night before my fabulous CD package arrived I spent a record NINE HOURS on the phone with ShineyQuarterAvionne.. *sighs* I can talk forever with her.. theres no work to it, its just nice and easy and fun. I can't wait to see her :)

Atually I woke up sinday in a panic, convinced it was monday and I was late for work! Anyone else do that ever? It was because I woke up without an alarm.. even saturdays I have an alarm, because I have work in the morning, so when I didn't... panic!!! hehe... ah well, no harm no foul.

StrongBad sucked yesturday... severe lack of amusment, though the e-bay burreto followup that actaully was on e-bay was VERY funny... (cheers to onesoul for finding that :)

anyhoooo.. Jazz night tonight at the club. I realised I never updated you all on that situation. Update is this - My last day is March 16th. *shrugs* annoying timing, but I don't mind really.

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