February 20th, 2003

fishy wishy

Chim chimminy.. chim chimminy....

Ok.. today was crunch day.

I was nervous.. today could make or break me. Truely I was going to be tested in the fires.. would I survive?
The day had come... I was t oface my greatest challenge...

I was to meet Avionnes best friend

*cue dramatic music*

Yes, today I met Laura. Also known as 20_20retrospect. It was a cold as a very cold thing in London when we met at Eros in Picadilly Circus. Despite the cold we walked to Covent Garden and I showed Laura the market - on which she decended like a hummingbird. She picked up a little something.. which was very cute.

Laura I think by this point was quite comfortable and convinced that I wasn't an axe murderer intent on chopping bits of both her and Avionne in my quest to create some kind of Mecha-Girl. Though you never know....

After a walk around the plaza we stopped in that bastion of english cooking... Pizza Hut. Yeah ok ok.. but they do a very nice buffet that has a HUGE salad selection, so I knew it would be good for her (being a veggie). We talked.. we joked.. its was nice. We got on quite well I think.. her secret report to Avi should be ok I think ;)

After that we again braved the cold to walk back to Eros, where she met her friend... who looked scared (one too many mecha-girl stories I think) and we parted ways. Was very nice too meet her. Hope we meet again soon :)

Laura - Alive and well.. and not chopped into bits by an axe

Test #1 over with I think... I'm getting there ;)
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