February 3rd, 2003

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Whats in a name?

I've often been asked where my screen name comes from, how I got it etc..

I was asked recently on here, so I thought I'd write it down for once.

The basic origin of it is that it comes from the words Dark Crystal. But it has since evolved to a name by itself and lots of ppl don't see that now. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions I didn't name myself after the Jim Henson movie - although I love that movie. The superficial link with that film though is one reason why I settled and kept the name though.

Originally online I was known as Morpheus in quite a few places, I chose it because it was the name of a play I had written in which I played the title role for a drama exam. Plus I was (and still am) a great fan of Neil Gaiman's Sandman Chronicles.

That was my name when I originally met rinnywee (also called something different then) at the newsgroup alt.vampyres. After a while I ended up changing my name, briefly, to Dream Dragon (if you look a few entries below you'll find my old website that I themed from that archived), and then...

Then I didn't really frequent many online things, and around this tim I went through a large ammount of crap at school. I'll spare you the details, because in the main they are quite boring. Suffice to say that spending 6 years with the same people led to a lot of bitchyness in various groups and that I was spending more time being pissed off at the school and things than actually working.

However I think that I was probably right about what I was saying and doing at the time, even if that wasn't the best time to say and do it.

Merf.. another story, another time maybe.

Aaanyhow.. the bitchyness thing does have relevance.

The name evolved from this.. see now I've always been a good listener. I recognise it as, for my sins, one of my talents. I've never been a person that is in a 'group' or something like that. I tend to be my own group, and people can be part of that group sure, but I don't make myself fit for anyone.

Now I went the the Sixth Form at my school, not away to another college (for the americans in the audience, 6th Form is from 16-18 where you do the qualifications that can get you into University. Sort of like your senior high I think). Trouble is, this means that you stay with people you have known for 6 or more years. This can create a lot of bitchy cliques and just general nastiness.

Because I was never really in a group with anyone (sort of friends, with many ppl from many of the groups.. but actually friends with very few) and I was a good listener, I'd get used as some sort of venting device for everyone. Not at me, just used to talk about other people. So I listened. I sat and listened and talked, ans sat in the middle of a lot of people that didn't like one another very much.

Now this brings we to the name.

At the time around I was finishing school I did a lot of reading about crystals, and healing.. etc etc. That whole malarky. Now I've always been interested in the paranormal, and supernatural.. so this was just an extension of that. Crystals, depending on type and colour, and other things suposedly can heal, or sbsorb things.

to cut a long story short (too late)...

Now I saw myself as a crystal, or rather, the thought occured to me. What colour would I be? Well I was clear, but I was absorbing all this crap around me and amongst a negative situation, so I was becoming black and cloudy.

A Dark Crystal infact.

So why DarkCryst? Two simple reasons... the IRC server I first used that name on would only accept 9 characters max. So it became, on its first outing, DarkCryst. Then I liked how that sounded.. and kept it.

Plus, its pretty damn unique. Search for DarkCryst on google.. its all me! I never have problems registering for anything, DarkCryst is never taken. So its worked out, the name fits and I fit the name.

Now you know.
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A plea...

I'm trying to find a mix of Kylie Minogue - 'Confide In Me' (1994). I have the original version, but I want a specific mix of in on mp3 or similar...

Its called "The Truth Mix" and was on most of the single releases... anyone have the cd around and want to rip it for me?
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Thank goodness that was a dream....

really don't need that right now...
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