January 30th, 2003

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too funny

I downloaded a copy of The Lost Boys the other day... I just realised how funny some of the lines are...


So What's our rush? You're chasing that girl, aren't you?
Come on, admit it. You're chasing her. I'm at the mercy of
your sex glands.


What, you don't like rice? Tell me Michael, how could a billion Chinese people be wrong?


My own brother, a goddam shit-sucking vampire. You wait 'til Mom finds out!


What about Mom?

Just don't tell her anything.

I don't know, Mike. It's just not like getting a "D" in school or something, you know?


Where's Nosferatu?


The prince of Darkness. The night crawler. The bloodsucker. El Vampiro.

Mike! They're here.


Edgar staked one of them. It was screaming and
fizzing. Look! There's evidence on my sweater!

Holy shit! The attack of Eddie Munster!
fishy wishy

we're living.. in a material world...

My suspitions have been confirmed...

My sister is shallow as hell.

Now I thought I knew this before, but I guess I didn't realise how shallow.
Let me explain.

For some reason we were talking about people getting engaged, can't remember what brought that up, but we were. Anyhow my sister goes on to say that long engagments (and by this she means 2 years plus) are "stupid and pointless."
Please note.. this is not that she sees no point in being engaged long term, but that the whole idea of anyone being engaged for that long is stupid and pointless. I took issue with this.

Now, for me, getting engaged is about making a commitment to marry someone. Whenever that is, but the commitment to marry is there. I don't get these people that are enganged for say.. 26 years or something. That IS pointless because it removes the point of engagment.
But anyhow...


You know I was going to write a VERY long rant here.. but the mere thought of dredging up all that shallow crap depresses me.

Suffice to say my sister and her friend seem convinced that its the things that make something important.. not the feelings, and that when you get engaged you should concider that if you can't afford to get married in the next year or so then you should put off the engagment.

I'm about as far away from that ideology as I can be. I accept that its nice and all to have pretty things, but thats not what its about.
As I said to Avi earlier...

darkcryst: we were having a discussion about engagement.. which led to marriage. All her ideas of what marriage mean hinge on material things. I'll give her that she thinks theres more to it than money, but basically that was one of the main things - not that she'd only go out with someone if they had money.. but basically you have to have 'things' to make a wedding special.
shineyquarter: No you don't
darkcryst: Exactly my point... like engagment is pointless without a ring was one of her things
darkcryst: I was like WTF?
shineyquarter: Um...
darkcryst: engagment is two people making a commitment to marry each other
darkcryst: that is it
shineyquarter: Exactly
darkcryst: the ring symbolises it.. sure - but if I couldn't afford a ring I'd still concider myself able to get engaged
shineyquarter: Yeah definitely
darkcryst: she (and her friend, who isn't shallow usually, but was here) were like "well fine, but you'd get one eventually"
darkcryst: I was like "er... no" - they scoffed
darkcryst: I don't see the point in getting a ring AFTER
shineyquarter: Yeah
darkcryst: thats like "oh yeah... our engagment is THIS"
darkcryst: thats all it is.. my arse *shakes head* I was so.. I dunno I can't find the word.. flummoxed is a good one.. agast at the materialistic shallowness of it. They claimed it wasn't materialistic
shineyquarter: Yeah... well it sounds like it is
darkcryst: yes.. "well it needs to have THIS to be a wedding" sounds materialistic to me- then they said that that doesn't apply to weddings because 'its tradition'
shineyquarter: Bah!
darkcryst: yeah fine.. sure. But if it doesn't have that does it make it any less? no! Sure its nice to have those things - because we've been taught its nice.

Some edits for flow, but yeah... thats how I feel.

I'm just... I duno it makes me sick how shallow some people are.
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