January 26th, 2003

mixed up mashed up world


ok.. my computer has stopped producing sound.

Windows seems to THINK it works... (no errors, everything is fine in the device manager) but its not.
The stereo is fine... everything seems to be working.

Except for the lack of sound.

I can't find anything wrong with the cables either.. and it WAS working until last night where.. while I was playing an internet radio.. its just stopped.
It seemed to coincide with my playing around with an MS voice pack thing (you know.. those text to speach things windows has) it just died then.

I can't seem to find anything wrong at all.. and suggestions
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Erin Louise (Rinny ) - It comes in pints? says:
hmm i want to buy a pair of elf ears. just to wear around every day. and i would. that'd be fun.
Greg - Pint of LARD little master? says:

presenting - Rinny Teh Elven...

In other news.. I ordered a new soundcard. Hoepfully that will fix the problem. Its not outputing sound, so I tihnk thas the best way to go. *sigh*

Still reasonably cheap.. I got the dolby 5.1 card. .reasoning that its there to use if I need to. And as the differnece was 10 pounds (24pounds total for the card + shipping) I thought it was in reasonable investment.