January 4th, 2003

fishy wishy

Get your hands off me you damn filthy ape!

Yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away...
Now they've..
still stayed away!


Yep.. I had a Good Day At Work™
*listens as some people die of shock*

Yep.. moreover - I had a good day in general. Yep shocking isn't it?
The afternoon was taken up with retro-movie fun. ITV (channel 3) decided to show Planet Of The Apes 1 + 3 back to back (why they missed out the second one I don't know). So yay for that. One thing I do have to say though is this: Why were people complaining about the new one so much? The old one was great.. in its way. However the new one nails the look and society of the apes much more. And don't give me its the advances in make-up - for I'm talking about the physicality of them. Frankly the old ones, while more faithful to the book, spends so much time banging you over the head with its oh-so-worthy message that it can get very dull at times.

In summary - for classic fun - go original. Its great, and actually has a bit more of a plot (only a bit though.. most of it is window dressing). For a great action movie - go modern. While less plot and sadly removes the mute human angle (the apes views make a lot more sense when they are mute) its a beautiful movie and well performed.

Aaaaaaanyhow. Yes.. the gig. Dun and Locks Bow were playing. It was technically Locks Bow's first gig - but the guys in the band have been gigging YEARS so they were very good. Dum impressed me too, though their contact info needs to be updated as I seem to have immense trouble getting hold of them.

Plus I got out of the club before midnight.. nice! Doesn't often happen. Spoke to Avi briefly and the proceeded to get a shitty nights sleep - I don't know why.. just kept waking up or being in that awful half asleep phase.. urgh. Anyhow..

I get up this morning and its snowed! Well ok.. it seemed to have at least. Nothing on the ground, but the roofs of the houses had been covered with icing sugar and my car had what had before fluffy ice all over it... so there we go. Britain's snow for this year I guess.
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