December 26th, 2002

fishy wishy

the viseral pity, that estatic high, the palpatable lows...

My fingers are sore from drumming on my desk. I've been lost in a rhythm when I intented to be doing webdev stuff. To who? a group called Rusted Root, sent me some for xmas. Their kind of south american beats are what made me addicted to De La Guardas incredible live show, and if you've never heard of them and they set up their crazy show/nightclub/acrobatic/performance anywhere near you then kill to get tickets.. trust me.

Mixed in between Rusted Roots frantic beats is a track I love, lust and absolutly DIE over. Enigma's Gravity Of Love. Now, if like me you stopped listening to Enigma after you got sick of Return To Innocence being on every mood album and being played EVERYWHERE and wanted to rip your ears off rather than hear them again.. then you missed out.

This track connects with me the way only a few tracks do. It helps that is uses a sample of O'Fortuna from Carmina Burana - posibly my favourite Classical track, though tied with Adagio For Strings for that place. Its a beautiful dramatic song, sweeping and graceful. Dramatic while not being crass. Emotive and passionate. The crashing drums... the strings.. the beats that underscore the beauty.. a voice that is delicate and powerful like a snow strom.

Find this song. Find It.
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    Enigma - Gravity of Love