December 25th, 2002

fishy wishy


Merry Christmas one and all!

Its technically Christmas here... so I thought I'd jump in first ;)
The above was the cover of a card I got from everyone at CCP (who are the guys who make Eve-Online. I totally didn't expect that.. so was chuffed.

Avionne... I got your package (though I've been ordered not to open it until tomorrow by my parents... go figure) thank you honey and I can't wait to open it. *big xmas kisses*

Brandi.. I hope you have a great xmas and don't go stir crazy. Remember you have snow! thats a good thing!

Metaline - Remember that Christmas is actaully fun.. you know it is. Go dance your socks off somewhere.

Bar_Butterfly - Here's to a new and greater job that combines cooking and firebreathing at the same time.. perhaps baked alaska juggling...

Dawn - Give the wee one a hug from me.. Astrab - that applies to you too.

Cherie - There's a surprise coming for you... if you can guess what it is.. I'll.. um.. get you a set black velvet pants for cons ;)

To everyone else... and those above. Love you all... just can't be arsed to write out entries for you all. ;)

The following is for everyone.. stolen from CCP et al...
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